Unique IDiCARE-AA-0044
Prefix / Honorific (optional) (Prefix)Dr.
First or given name (First name)Angela
Middle name or initial (optional) (Middle name)S.
Last or family name (Last name)Alberga
Email (Enter your email)angela.alberga@concordia.ca
Other investigators or team members (optional)Dr. Sarah Nutter, University of VictoriaDr. Sara Kirk, Dalhousie UniversityDr. Ximena Ramos-Salas, Obesity CanadaDr. Shelly Russell-Mayhew, University of CalgaryDr. Mary Forhan, University of Toronto
InstitutionConcordia University
Country (Country)Canada
Analysis Plan TitleHow has COVID-19 impacted body weight and weight preoccupation?
Analysis Plan DescriptionWe aim to: 1) Examine if respondents have reported changes in body weight during the pandemic; 2) Compare respondents’ concerns regarding body weight/ gaining weight vs. other social and health concerns and worries because of COVID-19 and; 3) Determine if weight concerns differ by sex. We aim to use data from the convenience and representative samples globally to examine these objectives if these concerns have changed over time.
Keyword 1body weight
Keyword 2concern
Keyword 3 (optional)weight gain
Keyword 4 (optional)worry
Keyword 5 (optional)weight preoccupation
Convenience dataConvenience data
Representative dataRepresentative data
Longitudinal data (only available for Canada)Longitudinal data (only available for Canada)
Location dataGlobal
Data Time FrameData from specific surveys
Data Time Frame – Specific SurveySurvey 7 – December 14, 2020 to February 8, 2021, Survey 8 – February 9 to March 23, 2021, Survey 9 – March 24 to May 3, 2021
Target completion date (optional)01-10-2021
Entry Date16-09-2021 13:22
Latest update2023-03-20: Ongoing- PhD student currently processing Canadian longitudinal study data