Unique IDiCARE-SLB-0009
Prefix / Honorific (optional) (Prefix)Dr.
First or given name (First name)Simon
Middle name or initial (optional) (Middle name)L
Last or family name (Last name)Bacon
Email (Enter your email)simon.bacon@concordia.ca
Other investigators or team members (optional)Kim Lavoie, The rest of the iCARE team
Country (Country)Canada
Analysis Plan TitleThe iCARE methods paper
Analysis Plan DescriptionNo analyses needed. This is the general methods paper for the iCARE study
Keyword 1iCARE
Keyword 2Methods
Other dataOther data
Other type of dataNo data needed
Location dataGlobal
Analysis outputs (optional)Bacon SL, Lavoie KL, Boyle J for the iCARE study team, et alInternational assessment of the link between COVID-19 related attitudes, concerns and behaviours in relation to public health policies: optimising policy strategies to improve health, economic and quality of life outcomes (the iCARE Study)BMJ Open 2021;11:e046127. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2020-046127
Target completion date (optional)01-09-2020
Entry Date05-08-2020 09:06
Latest update:2021-03-11: Closed- paper has been published