Unique IDiCARE-DLF-0041
Prefix / Honorific (optional) (Prefix)Dr.
First or given name (First name)Delfin Lovelina
Last or family name (Last name)Francis
Email (Enter your email)delfin_lovelina@yahoo.co.in
Other investigators or team members (optional)Dr Suzanne Nethan
InstitutionNational Institute of Epidemiology, ICMR, Chennai, India
Country (Country)India
Analysis Plan TitleKnowledge, attitude, and self-reported practice towards measures for prevention of the spread of COVID-19 among Low and Middle income countries
Analysis Plan DescriptionDESCRIPTION AND JUSTIFICATION:The spread of corona virus disease, 2019, has affected several countries in the world. The occurrences of COVID infections are uneven across countries and the same is determined by socioeconomic situations prevailing in the countries besides the preparedness and management.Low and middle-income countries (LMICs), has relatively more incidence of the cases due to COVID-19. Among the 50 countries with the highest disease burden, 33 are developing or LMICs, accounting for more than half of the cases and deaths. Because most asymptomatic and mild infections are undocumented, published figures are likely to be underestimates of the true numbers. Due to a lack of testing and contact tracing, under-reporting and denial, some countries may have 10 times more cases than reported.RATIONALE:This research topic on the Knowledge, attitude and self reported practices towards measures for prevention of COVID- 19 among Low and Middle income countries (Argentina, India, Indonesia, Nigeria and Serbia) using the existing data from the iCARE survey will definitely throw some light to enable preparedness to face the present and future situation. This study will give us an ample scope to further analyze these evidences along with checking policy makers to take necessary action in LMICs.METHODOLOGY:Data from the iCARE bank with reference to Low and Middle income countries (Argentina, India, Indonesia, Nigeria and Serbia) will be extracted.
Keyword 1lifestyle behaviors
Keyword 2Government measures
Keyword 3 (optional)Individual compliance
Keyword 4 (optional)Knowledge mobilisation
Keyword 5 (optional)Vaccination Trends
Representative dataRepresentative data
Location dataCountry-based
Country (Country)India
Country 2 (Country)Argentina
Country 3 (Country)Indonesia
More additional countriesYes
List additional countriesNigeria, Serbia
Data Time FrameData from all surveys
Target completion date (optional)31-08-2021
Entry Date13-07-2021 14:12
Latest update2022-03-16 – Closed- abstract accepted for poster presentation at Global Health Security Conference 2022