Unique IDiCARE-FD-0054
Prefix / Honorific (optional) (Prefix)Miss
First or given name (First name)Frédérique
Last or family name (Last name)Deslauriers
Other investigators or team members (optional)Kim L. Lavoie
InstitutionUniversité du Québec à Montréal, Montreal Behavioural Medicine Centre
Country (Country)Canada
Analysis Plan TitleRelationship between level of trust toward regional political leaders/ health authorities,  satisfaction, perceived importance and adherence of/to policies
Analysis Plan Description (revised)Multiple group path analysis will be used to look at the overall effect of time on our model which includes trust in regional government as an independent variable, adherence to preventive measures as a dependent variable (the model will be done for each of the following preventive measures: mask indoor, distancing, self-isolation, avoiding large gathering and avoiding small indoor gathering), as well as acceptability of the policies and perceived importance as mediators. With the same model, mediation moderator path analysis will be done to look at the effect of time on each relationship of the variable in the model. This will be done for each of the five preventive measures chosen. The analysis presented above will be repeated using the same model but this time with trust in health authorities as an independent variable. 
Keyword 1Government trust
Keyword 2Adherence to policies
Keyword 3 (optional)Management of the pandemi
Representative dataRepresentative data
Representative Samples – Choose countryCanada – REVISED Only W3-6-9 of the representative Canadian iCARE data
Data Time Frame – Specific Survey (Representative – Canada)October 29-November 11, 2020, January 27-February 7, 2021, March 11-23, 2021, May 31-June 14, 2021, September 10-20, 2021, November 15-December 3, 2021, January 20-February 2, 2022, May 26-June 6, 2022, September 5-12, 2022 (not yet available)
REVISED: Canada – Oct 29-Nov 11, 2020 and Canada – Mar 11-23, 2021
Target completion date (optional)27-03-23
Entry Date17-02-23 19:03
RevisedApril 8, 2024