Unique IDiCARE-ML-0013
First or given name (First name)Mariantonia
Last or family name (Last name)Lemos
Email (Enter your email)mlemosh@eafit.edu.co
InstitutionUniversidad EAFIT
Country (Country)Colombia
Analysis Plan TitleBehaviour changes due to COVID-19 in Colombia
Analysis Plan DescriptionWe would like to analyze how behaviors have changed in Colombia during the COVID-19 contingency has been developed. We would like to know the descriptive norms that people have develop and what are the motives to change behaviors.  Additionally we could relate those changes with the policy changes we have had in the country.
Keyword 1Health behaviors
Keyword 2Colombia
Survey dataSurvey data
Location dataCountry-based
Country (Country)Colombia
Analysis outputs (optional)Publication but also information to design campains about our healthy behaviors
Target completion date (optional)30-06-2021
Entry Date14-09-2020 11:13
Latest update2023-03-20: Ongoing- update the data of the manuscript by doing analysis by regions (Colombia).