Unique IDiCARE-SP-0005
Prefix / Honorific (optional) (Prefix)Dr.
First or given name (First name)Sandra
Last or family name (Last name)Pelaez
Email (Enter your email)sandra.pelaez@mail.mcgill.ca
Other investigators or team members (optional)Kim Lavoie, Simon Bacon, Jacqueline Boyle, Paula Ribeiro, Jovana Stojanovic, Ana Moga, Reyhaneh Yousefi, Robbie Woods, Mahrukh Jamil, Vincent Gosselin Boucher, Claudia Gemme, Samantha Dalbosco, Daisuke Hayashi Neto, Marlus Karsten, Marilia Estevam Cornelio, Stefania Boccia, Guendalina Graffigna, Tiziana Nania, Analia V Lozada
InstitutionUniversité de Montréal
Country (Country)Canada
Analysis Plan TitleUnderstanding the relationship between risk communication and public behaviour change during the COVID-19 pandemic
Analysis Plan DescriptionThe purpose of this mixed methods multiple case study is to understand the relationship between risk communication strategy and public behaviour change during the COVID-19 pandemic. The study includes three cases (Canada, Australia, and Italy) that will be examined through two interrelated components. The components and objectives are: -Component 1 (quantitative) – Objective 1: To assess general public awareness attitudes, concerns. and adherence to COVID-19, public health measures aiming at delaying and controlling the spread of the disease -Component 2 (qualitative) – Objective 2: To identify key features of COVID-19 risk communication strategy implemented by governments and health-related organisations to educate and inform the general public – Objective 3: To explore citizens’ perspectives on how the risk communication strategy designed to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 impacted public behavior. The social significance and impact of the study stems from studying three cases represented by countries that represents a continent as it is an outstanding opportunity to investigate how each country implemented the policies and navigated the process of the pandemic. Understanding general public perspective on the implemented risk communication strategy is key to preventing and controlling the spread of a pandemic.
Keyword 1Risk communication
Keyword 2behaviour change
Keyword 3 (optional)public-centred strategy
Keyword 4 (optional)knowledge mobilisation
Policy dataPolicy data
Location dataGlobal
Target completion date (optional)01-07-2021
Entry Date23-07-2020 16:59
Latest update:2022-03-16: Ongoing- qualitative study with Argentinian collaborators