Unique IDiCARE-SYL-0006
Prefix / Honorific (optional) (Prefix)Dr.
First or given name (First name)Siew Yim
Last or family name (Last name)LOH
Email (Enter your email)syloh@um.edu.my
InstitutionUni malaya
Country (Country)Malaysia
Analysis Plan TitleAttitudes, concerns, impacts of Malaysian_ a cross sectional study [of pu]blic health policies
Analysis Plan DescriptionAttitudes, concerns, impacts of Malaysian_ a cross sectional study [Country: malaysia]; Data Analysis: descriptive stat, A)profile of respondants: age, sex, ethnic; B1) awareness of goverment actions, uptake of actions (Q1-9); B2) Action on social distancing(Q10); B3)perception of Vaccine (Q11); C) Top 3 potential Concerns; D) Top 3 potential Impact, QOL, Health; E) sources of info; F) insurance status and relationship with impact, qol, health behaviour-any statistical difference
Keyword 1Malaysia
Keyword 2attitude
Keyword 3 (optional)impact
Keyword 4 (optional)behaviour
Keyword 5 (optional)QOL
Survey dataSurvey data
Location dataCountry-based
Country (Country)Malaysia
Additional countriesNo
Entry Date02-08-2020 08:37
Latest update:2021-05-29: Closed