Unique IDiCARE-ZvA-0038
Prefix / Honorific (optional) (Prefix)Mr.
First or given name (First name)Zack
Last or family name (Last name)van Allen
Email (Enter your email)zvanallen@ohri.ca
Other investigators or team members (optional)Dr. Justin Presseau
InstitutionUniversity of Ottawa
Country (Country)Canada
Analysis Plan TitleTemporal network analysis of health behaviours during COVID-19
Analysis Plan DescriptionThe aim of this study is to examine the temporal dynamics of multiple health behaviours and pandemic related health behaviours by applying network psychometrics to longitudinal data from the iCARE survey. This approach has the potential to unveil novel patterns of co-variation between health behaviours, pandemic related behaviours and attitudes, and self-reported health outcomes collected over a period of several months. Patterns of co-variation between behaviours can have important consequences for health such as compensatory health behaviours which refer to the tendency for people to engage in healthy behaviours to offset the risk of engaging in unhealthy behaviours (e.g., a person may engage in strenuous exercise to compensate for smoking). Although the temporal dynamics of health behaviours have been examined in regard to traditionally studied health behaviours (smoking, drinking, etc.), to our knowledge they have not been studied in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. This analysis will use the R package “psychonetrics” to model temporal networks, contemporaneous networks, and between-subject networks using items from the iCARE survey. Understanding how the interconnected relationships between behaviours, attitudes, and outcomes change over time can provide insights into the potentially bidirectional influences between pandemic and non-pandemic related health behaviours on a national level.
Keyword 1Health behaviours
Keyword 2Temporal dynamics
Longitudinal data (only available for Canada)Longitudinal data (only available for Canada)
Location dataCountry-based
Country (Country)Canada
Data Time FrameData from all surveys
Entry Date21-06-2021 13:08
Latest update2023-03-20: Ongoing- two preprints will be made public and manuscript preparation underway – February 2023 completion