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Analysis Plan TitleMotivators for vaccination among Canadian healthcare workers – Canadian representative sample
Analysis Plan DescriptionThis study aims to: 1) determine the vaccine hesitancy rate among healthcare workers in Canada; 2) to target the main socio-demographic, psychological, behavioral and economic determinants of vaccine hesitancy among health workers. Cluster-type analysis of vaccine motivators among healthcare workers in Canada IV – vaccine status (non-vaccinated vs vaccinated) IV – vaccine status (non-vaccinated, hesitant, vaccinated)IV – vaccine attitudes (positive, hesitant, resistant) DV – proportion endorsing different motivators – inflvac, inflvade (individual and by group/IV) Canadian representative samples; Canadians aged 18+ years completed the iCARE survey (www.icarestudy.com) using time 6,7 and 8. Descriptive analysis for: age, sex, education, income, location, origin or race, previous vaccination, parental status.
Keyword 1Vaccine
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