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InstitutionConcordia University
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Analysis Plan TitleInvestigating the contributing factors and trends in vaccine and booster shot hesitancy.
Analysis Plan DescriptionDespite the urgency of the sanitary situation with the emergence of new variants and cases on the rise, and the importance of getting immunized against Covid-19, there is still a considerable fraction of the Canadian population that is hesitant to being vaccinated. This study will be focused on understanding the contributing factors to vaccine hesitancy and the trends throughout the different phases of the pandemic in the Canadian population (Canadian Representative Sample). Emphasis will also be laid on the booster-shot hesitancy and how this correlates with different socio-demographic, cultural and health-related determinants like origin or race, sex, age , education, occupation, income and previous vaccination. For this purpose data from the different iCARE surveys will be analysed. Understanding the determinants of vaccine and booster shot hesitancy will pave the way for better policy making and putting in place of more adapted health care measures which will play an instrumental role in the fight against Covid-19.
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Entry Date17-12-2021 15:03
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