Unique IDiCARE-CL-0057
Prefix / Honorific (optional) (Prefix)Mrs.
First or given name (First name)Camille
Last or family name (Last name)Léger
Email (Enter your email)leger.camille.2@courrier.uqam.ca
Other investigators or team members (optional)Deslauriers, F., Tremblay, N., Coulombe-Raymond, F., Gosselin Boucher V., Lavoie, KL. & Bacon SL.
InstitutionUniversité du Québec à Montréal
Country (Country)Canada
Analysis Plan TitlePsychosocial and health impacts of the length of recommended COVID-19 isolation periods in individuals with COVID-19 symptoms or a positive test
Analysis Plan DescriptionQuestions covered: 1)What is the impact of different recommended COVID-19 isolation periods (i.e., 10 days vs. 5/7 days) for Canadians who report needing to isolate for the following outcomes:Mental health, Economic burden, Health, Interpersonal relationships and 2) In addition, analyses are provided to compare the populations who report needing to isolate compared to Canadian’s who didn’t report needing to isolate.
Keyword 1Isolation
Keyword 2Policies
Keyword 3 (optional)Impacts
Keyword 4 (optional)COVID-19
Representative dataRepresentative data
Representative Samples – Choose countryCanada
Data Time Frame – Specific Survey (Representative – Canada)May 26-June 6, 2022, September 5-12, 2022 (not yet available)
Analysis outputs (optional)manuscript in progress (expected submission date: december 2023)
Target completion date (optional)09-11-23